Keeping Up Trends with Quick-Step 

Keeping Up Trends with Quick-Step 

Keeping Up Trends with Quick-Step 

Even within the home, we are faced with differing trends on design and recommendations on how to sustain the perfect look for your home. When it comes to flooring, the most popular and sustaining trend is luxury vinyl flooring. 

The reasons in how perfectly this flooring option complements your home can change over the next 30 years, depending on what you decide to implement, but regardless – they will all be positive due to its timeless appeal. 

Keeping Up Trends with Quick-Step 

Existing Home Choices 

It may not be an immediate consideration, but the colour of your flooring can have a stylish effect on your furnishings such as sofa sets or coffee tables. 

A brown wood coffee table on a grey wood vinyl floor may well set your room tones slightly awry. Matching your vinyl flooring to your furniture not only gives consistency but also shows guests that genuine effort has been made in presenting a consistent feel to your home. 

For grey or stone flooring, Quick-Step luxury vinyl flooring brings out a large variety of tones and palettes to match any furniture you may not want to get rid of just yet. 

Connecting Colour  

If going for a natural floral arrangement when decorating a room, natural light and dark wood vinyl from Quick-Step is a perfect complement for natural vibrancy. 

From a look of oak or lark, you can provide warm tones that breathe new life into the same old room. Both designs give your flooring a central character that draws attention and admiration from any home visit, which is what you want when entertaining people in the home. 

Keeping Up Trends with Quick-Step 


Large areas that feel too spacious within the room usually attract a rug that compliments or contrasts the character of the area. 

Woods or charcoal designs underneath a white rug give a layer of comfort to an otherwise drab space. If you have accompanying underfloor heating systems perfectly in tune with Quick-Step flooring, the rugs will keep the room nice and warm on cooler or cold evenings. 

Blue or cream curtains and blinds provide a natural feel on sunny days and a sense of warmth at night, which works perfectly for oaks – giving an equal feel for comfort and a lived-in quality. Slates suit those darker or blackout curtains which – if you are a photography enthusiast – will also give perfect reflection for studio-based environments.  

Expert Brand 

Quick-Step luxury vinyl brings style and elegance to your home with excellent ranges perfectly fitting to your existing lifestyle. As more and more things change, your choice of luxury vinyl flooring remains consistent and ever pleasant. 

However, your style evolves, vinyl will stay in line with the changes that come along. 

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