recycled christmas gifts

3 Recycled Christmas Gift Ideas

It is always scary when the children return to school, the commute is suddenly chillier and that friend shares the countdown of days until Christmas. Like silent pressure! Well, take a look at these ideas for lessening the financial burden of Christmas this year. You might find you also enjoy gifting with thought rather than consuming for the sake of it.

Actually Recycle Gifts

I know, I know, this is a very controversial first Recycled Christmas Gift idea. However, hear me out. If you are gifted something that doesn’t quite fit your needs why would you throw it to landfill? I mean, best case you could donate to a charity shop or organisation collecting raffle prizes.

Why not save yourself some money though? Instead of seeing it as something to offload, see the item as it is. A gift. Maybe this gift just isn’t destined for you. Maybe you know the perfect person to receive it. Adjusting your mindset to one that shares resources will always save you money but this will directly save you money.

If your memory is rubbish and you fear gifting it to the person that gifted it to you, I’d suggest you start a notebook. This can have a page to list where things came from. You can also keep track of who you have already taken care of by keeping this as a list in your notebook too. I’d estimate this can save at least £50 for your budget, the longer you do this for the more you will save.

recycled christmas gift

Scrapstore Craft Hamper

This recycled christmas gift comes from supporting your community and reusing discarded items. If you have a crafter in your life why not locate your community Scrapstore and get creative. My idea would be to either gift a membership – usually inexpensive at about £5/£10 per year, this will get them discounts and access to different things that non-members cannot get.

Alternatively, if they are an existing member why not browse their selections and create a craft hamper of things your friend will need and use.

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recycled christmas gifts

Photo Album

So this idea really doesn’t suit everyone on your gift list. However, for those it does work for it can be a really impactful idea. Think outside of the box. Make a box album for a talking point – if you have an elderly relative with carers coming and going they often don’t have time to stop and talk for long. But this sort of thing can be just the conversation starter needed.

Taking the time to go back through your families history can also be an enjoyable experience. Collecting forgotten photos and arranging them is such a thoughtful thing to do for someone.

You can find photo albums in charity shops and even scrapstores for a lot less than retail. Libraries and printing shops often have deals on photos.

Using something like Vistaprint to create an album can be slightly more expensive, but if you sign up for their newsletters the likelihood is you will be sent a discount code at some point. Then when you are ready you can order and save yourself a small fortune!

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